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Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Elvis' 'first live performance in nine years' is finally in film format. The audio is as we all know it, the video comes from various sources, some of it well know, other very rare, but the overall experience is breathtaking! Buy Now.

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Elvis Army Days Revisited | Part One 1958-1960 CD


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'Elvis Army Days Revisited | Part One & Part Two' contains all German A & B sides of Elvis singles released during his time in the Army, all known recordings of interviews and press conferences from March 1958 to March 1960, newsreels and more! Including some previously unreleased material. You can hear these historic recordings in the best possible sound all together for the first time ever on 2 CD's!

Each CD comes with a 12 page booklet...

***Single versions: including the original 'You're A Heartbreaker' (faster and with more reverb)***
***Unedited version of Elvis 'Swearing In' to the US Army (1:24 instead of 0:28)***
***Unedited part of the Brooklyn press conference (Elvis' interruptions were edited for the 'Elvis Sails' EP)***
***Every known recording of interviews and press conferences in Germany - Plus 1 from Paris, France***

Elvis Army Days Revisited | Part One 1958 - 1960

The German Singles April 1958 - February 1959

01. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2:17
02. Doncha Think It's Time 1:59
03. Hard Headed Woman 1:57
04. Don't Ask Me Why 2:08
05. Dixieland Rock 1:50
06. Lover Doll 2:16
07. King Creole 2:11
08. One Night 2:34
09. I Got Stung 1:51
10. Young And Beautiful 2:05

The Army Days | Elvis Word For Word March 1958 - June 1959

11. Newsreel 'GI Elvis Presley Loses Sideburns For “New Role”' 0:45
12. Newsreel 'Elvis Enters The Army' 0:31
13. 'Swearing In' to the US Army (03-24-58) 1:24 Memphis Draft Board, Memphis, Tennessee
14. Interview by Jim Kell (03-24-58) 0:42 Fort Chaffee Barracks, Fort Chaffee, Arkansas
15. Newsreel 'Elvis Off To Germany' 1:13
16. Press Conference excerpt #1 (09-22-58) 13:35 Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, New York
17. Press Conference excerpt #2 (09-22-58) 5:26 Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, New York
18. Press Conference excerpt #3 (09-22-58) 6:27 Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, New York
19. Interview by Pat Hernon (09-22-58) 2:15 Library of the USS Randall, Brooklyn, New York
20. Ankunft in Bremerhaven (10-01-58) 2:58 Bremerhaven, Germany
21. Press Conference excerpt #1 (10-02-58) 1:07 Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany
22. Press Conference excerpt #2 (10-02-58) 0:37 Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany
23. Interview by Dick Clark (01-30-59) 4:27 'Telephone Call' from USA to Friedberg, Germany
24. Interview by Hannelore Krab (06-15-59) 3:49 Bayrischer Hof Hotel, Munich, Germany
25. Interview by Mario Delagarde (06-17-59) 2:03 Prince De Galles Hotel, Avenue de George V, Paris, France
26. Promo for KPOY Radio in Hawaii (06-59) 0:52
27. Interview by Tom Moffatt (06-59) 5:41 Telephone Call from Hawaii 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' to Germany

Bonus Tracks

28. 'Swearing In' to the US Army (03-24-58) 0:28 Edited - As released on the album 'This Is Elvis'
29. Press Conference excerpt #3 (09-22-58) 2:21 Edited - As released on the 'Elvis Sails' EP

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