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Elvis For President CD


Sold out.

'Elvis for President' is a nice and fun CD with Elvis, contains famous quotes from Elvis and ofcourse his announcement during a live concert 'Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to announce that I'm running for President'... rare and interesting recording with Elvis.

Track Listing:

  1. The Popularity - The Announcement: The Introduction
  2. I'm Running For President
  3. His Fans Reaction The Campaign - Part One:
  4. Winning The Texas Vote
  5. I Love Gospel Music
  6. Serving The US Army
  7. The Post Army Interview The Man Behind The Image:
  8. Meeting 8 Year Old Denise Sanchez
  9. March Of Dimes radio spot
  10. Presenting F.D.R. Yacht 'Potornac' To St. Jude's Hospital Memphis The Campaign - Part Two:
  11. Tour Promotion
  12. The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth Bad Publicity:
  13. Talking About The Bad Publicity
  14. The Paternity Suit
  15. Defending Rock'n'Roll
  16. Tabloids And Movie Magazines
  17. The Engaged Affaire
  18. Headline Stories From His Bodyguards Not Suitable For Release:
  19. X-Rated The Campaign - Part Three:
  20. MSG Press Conference The Funny Side Of A President:
  21. Imitating Glen Campbell, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Bill Crosby And Sammy Davis Jr.
  22. Even Presidents Do It...
  23. Imitating Clouseau Presidential Speeches:
  24. Memphis, Tennessee, January 16, 1971
  25. Germany, October 1, 1958 Let's Take It On Home:
  26. Limousine Ride 1972

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