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Hollywood Elvis Volume 6 DVD (Elvis Presley)


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'Hollywood Elvis' Volume 6 DVD features 49 clips from the late sixties, including some rare footage on the set, and hard to find pictures. The bonus section includes some alternate edits and rare outtakes.

When I think about Elvis' movies, I sometimes think back to when I first 'discovered' Elvis Presley (January of 1978) and my first impressions of 'Elvis movies'. What I always recall is initially enjoying these films but cringing when Elvis would start singing, probably nothing against Elvis, just that to my mind movies were for acting not singing, as such I could not stand it when the story was interrupted But then after a while (probably) I learned to love both (So I assume this part) but then it developed (I assume slowly evolved) into actually watching the movies FOR Elvis' singing and as the movies got 'tired' as in I had seen them often I began to lose interest in the actual movie and just watch for the songs. Which (I guess) eventually led to a decline in overall interest.

Today I found the perfect solution albeit over 35 year later, in the 'Hollywood Elvis' DVD series. I can say I was 'sus' about these releases, so it was a surprise.

What we have is Elvis music videos.

While the original movies themselves offer great clips, in many cases there was plenty of room to make improvements, the producers have not just 'dished' up regular movie versions ... they have put a LOT of work and thought into creating the best possibly visual and listening experience.

For example in the 'Hollywood Elvis' Volume 4 DVD Spring Fever is edited WITHOUT the annoying girls singing, and some incredible edits were used to make this a great new clip ... If You Think I Don't Need You another example of how an edited movie version becomes a new complete clip! Girl Happy in the movie TWO short versions appear, here it is brought to life as a COMPLETE clip, with some very nice edits! I'm Coming Home a nice added song for the 'Tickle Me' soundtrack, includes hilarious slapstick segments. Do the Vega ... Animal Instinct ... You're the Boss all not in the movies, but again NOW we have film music videos to enjoy! There is some UNRELEASED footage as well ... Elvis preparing for The Lady Loves Me, on the set of 'Viva Las Vegas', some rare 'Roustabout' footage, rare pictures and alternate takes.

All are highly recommended to and movie fan, and well, every fan.

Elvis Presley Video A Dogs Life + 2 more songs from VOLUME 5 (05:39)

Elvis News Latest Audio (and video) updates : Video courtesy of Elvis Presley Video Elvis Presley Video Central.

Including the following seven movies in chronological order:

Stay Away, Joe
Live A Little, Love A Little
The Trouble With Girls
Change Of Habit

Track listing

Who Needs Money
A House That Has Everything
Hey, Hey, Hey
You Dont Know Me
The Girl I Never Loved
How Can You Lose
Going Home
Stay Away, Joe
Stay Away
All I Needed Was The Rain
Singing Tree
There Aint Nothing Like A Song
Your Time Hasnt Come Yet Baby
Who Are You?
Hes Your Uncle Not Your Dad
Let Yourself Go
Your Groovy Self
Five Sleepyheads
Wonderful World
Edge Of Reality
A Little Less Conversation
Almost In Love
Too Much Monkey Business
Hi-heel Sneakers
Lets Forget About The Stars
U.s. Male
Clean Up Your Own Backyard
The Wiffenpoof Song
Signs Of The Zodiac
Swing Down Sweet Chariot
Have A Happy
Let Us Pray
Lets Be Friends
Change Of Habit


You Dont Know Me - Record Version
A Little Less Conversation - Album Version
Charro! - Extended Version
U.s. Male - Alternate Edit
Rubberneckin' - Mono Version

Elvis in concert ...

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