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Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Elvis' 'first live performance in nine years' is finally in film format. The audio is as we all know it, the video comes from various sources, some of it well know, other very rare, but the overall experience is breathtaking!

Through My Eyes 2 DVD Set


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I got my dvd set the other day and so far I have watched it 4 times. Its the best dvd set of On Tour I have seen and only hope Turner would release an official EOT dvd set like this. But knowing them they wont. Some on here said it was excellent. Well thats an understatement. I loved the Greensboro outtakes. Elvis looked fantastic in the Owl Suite and that segment where he was talking and signing photos for that little girl with leukaemia brought tears to my eyes because that shows just who the real Elvis was and not many people saw. This is a an excellent dvd set that I am proud to own. For those who don't have it your really missing out. It makes me wonder if Turner is sitting on more unreleased EOT footage? Like maybe complete concerts? If they are they are very ignorant and stupid. An EOT SE made like "Through My Eyes" would be a big hit just like the deluxe editions of Aloha and the 68 Special were. But until the day Turner wakes up and releases footage like this this is good enough for me.

'Through My Eyes' : Deluxe Expanded Edition DVD

'Through My Eyes', Deluxe Expanded Edition DVD includes an extra 18 minutes of UNRELEASED edits!! True fans agree, this is STAR's best project to date! Now it is available in an even better form, with some incredible bonus-tracks NOT RELEASED on other STAR DVDs!! Since the main content is known, this is what's new: On the first DVD an 11 minute segment of the March 31 rehearsal is included, this has been released on other DVDs, but this is the first time the songs are edited to get complete songs, a real treat for ears and eyes:

Love Me/All Shook Up/Heartbreak Hotel/Teddy Bear Don't be Cruel/Hound Dog

On DVD 2 a new (7 minute) portion of the Afternoon MSG show is included, this edit is different to the Unreachable Star edit since it has the sound dubbed from the CD - An Afternoon in the Garden:

Also, Sprach Zarathustra/That's All Right/Heartbreak Hotel/Hound Dog

With these extras, the set reaches an incredible 3 and a half hour program, and has 69 tracks!

So sit back and you will be surprised to see... that you have been blind!



Johnny B. Goode-Allways On My Mind-Separate Ways Until It's Time for You to Go-A Big Hunk O'Love-Bridge Over Troubled Water-An American Trilogy-Burning Love-Release Me Funny How Time Slips Away-Love Me-All Shook Up-Heartbreak Hotel-Teddy Bear-Don't Be Cruel-Hound Dog-Attraction to Elvis The Leukemia Kid-Back Stage-Susan When She Tried Key to the City-I Got A Woman-Have the Fans Changed? Promised Land-See See Rider-Sweet,Sweet Spirit-How Great Thou Art-Press Conference-That's All Right-Proud Mary-The Impossible Dream-Elvis in Car-I Can't Stop Loving You-Never Been to Spain-You Gave Me A Mountain-Lawdy, Miss Clawdy Can't Help Falling in Love


Also Sprach Zarathustra-That's All Right-Heartbreak Hotel- Hound Dog-Burning Love-I John-Too Much-When My Blue Moon See See Rider-Love Me Tender-Polk Salad Annie-Love Me-All Shook Up-Teddy Bear-Don't Be Cruel-Are You Lonesome Tonight?-For the Good Times-Jaycees Award-An American Trilogy-Show Presentation-A Big Hunk O'Love-Burning Love Proud Mary-The Lighthouse-I John-Bosom of Abraham-Lead Me, Guide Me-Interview-Young And Beautiful-Vernon-George Klein

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