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If you have any trouble receiving our emails, you can log-in to the HelpDesk WebPortal.

You will automatically have a log-in after you have submitted your first 'Support Request'.

 Sign In. (With your email address).

Once signed in ...

You will see the interface as per the image below.

To open an existing 'Support Request'

Click the Subject (as per what you entered when submitting).

 To reply click the arrow as per the image seen at left.
Type your message then click 'send reply'.

To open an NEW 'Support Request'

Click New 'Support Request' Ticket (as seen in the image below).

Please ...

Tip. Do not reuse a 'Support Request' to start a new subject.

Tip. Do not create a new 'Support Request' about the same subject it only slows our reply to you.

Tip. Use the Subject field to briefly describe your reason for contacting us.

Tip. When asking for an 'order status' but one title in the contact forms subject field.

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