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Conditions when you pre-order from us

When you pre-order you accept and acknowledge that we keep you updated as to the 'release status' of every title via the 'Release Status' page.

This page will tell you everything that is known.

The page is designed so you can see if an item has been released and is on the way to us, ('amber light') and then finally with a 'green light' once all orders 'have left the building'. The last is so if you see that the title you ordered has a green light', and you have not received an email notice your order has been sent you then know you can contact us to check.

Thank you in advance for checking the pre-order release page and helping us cut down on repetitive answers to the question, 'when will I receive my order', for pre-order items. We usually can't tell you when something will arrive, only that it has been sent to us. Usually it takes around 14 days for an order to arrive to us once it has been released and sent. 

News 'Release Status' Page

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